RPP de Todos

The Registro Público de la Propiedad y de Comercio del Estado de Campeche is an institution dependent on the Secretariat of Government of the State of Campeche, which provides security and publicity to legal acts that involve real estate or a commercial or civil company, it is Thus, the Public Registry of Property and Commerce allows accounting for the status and other rights of a property, a commercial or civil company.

Through this RPP de Todos App you can request and follow up on the following procedures:

  • Registration Certificate with registration history.
  • Certified copy of properties.
  • Certificate of existence or non-existence of lien.
  • Consultation or search for properties.
  • Negative certificate of ownership.

In addition to knowing the locations of Payment, Notaries and information about other services.

Create your account (optional) you can keep the links to the documents you have processed on your smartphone.

Our participation:

We designed and developed the RPP de Todos mobile application in coordination with the programmer assigned by the Public Registry of Property and Commerce of Campeche, together we analyzed the available connection mechanisms and those that needed to be created to allow the connection of the App with the systems internal to the RPPyC.

We created a prototype in Figma to validate the functionalities of the application and define the scope of the project, to later move on to the development of the mobile App and the control panel from where the App would be managed.

We use Django/Python to develop the control panel, which is implemented on a Linux server configured by our development team and set up to serve the API and the web administration system.

We developed the app using Flutter and it was published for iOS and Android. Additionally, we did the entire registration process for the Developer account of the Executive Branch of the State of Campeche, with which from now on they will be able to publish Government applications officially.

We implement services such as:

  • Linux Server, Nginx, MariaDB
  • CI/CD with our private Gitlab server.
  • Twilio SMS to use one time passwords.
  • Sendgrid for the delivery of transactional emails.

The biggest challenge we faced during this development was registering the Apple Developer for Government account, however, thanks to joint effort and cooperation, we managed to register it and publish the applications satisfactorily.



Registro Público de la Propiedad y Comercio del Estado de Campeche


Flutter, Django/REST, Python


App para iOS y Android