Taxfinder: SaaS based on Amazon Web Services

Taxfinder is the evolution of the reliable Tarifa en Línea, which provided service for over 20 years, allowing online consultation of all the necessary information for the import or export of any product to Mexican territory. It keeps data updated daily and has a history dating back to 1996 until today.

Our involvement:

In coordination with Griver‘s

development team and their specialists in customs processes and regulations, we migrated all the system information to MongoDB with the aim of achieving the highest performance and speed for Taxfinder users.

We developed all communication APIs, including a personalized response to support legacy systems that consumed a SOAP webservice, and integrated them into their central authentication system.

A web client was developed using Next.js that consumes the Taxfinder API, which includes expert and inductive modes and can be used in three languages: Spanish, English, and Mandarin.

All information is loaded through a system developed in Django that allows handling large volumes of information and applies appropriate business rules. It is then loaded into Development, QA, and Production databases, where we apply the Blue/Green deployment model to ensure information is always available.

We implemented AWS services such as:

  • EC2
  • Fargate
  • Opensearch
  • Translate
  • CI/CD with Code Commit, Code Pipeline, Code Build
  • Parameter Store

The biggest challenge we faced during this development was assimilating the enormous amount of information related to customs topics, including import and export regulations, customs laws, and tax calculations. This would not have been possible without the proven expertise of the Griver team.

Additionally, we participated in other projects within the same suite, such as Taxcalculator, following the same path of technologies.





Next.js, React, Typescript, Flask, Python, Django.


SaaS basada en Amazon Web Services